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The Lake Michigan Monitoring Coordination Council (LMMCC) was begun in 1999 to:

  • foster cooperation and coordination among groups working groups involved in all types of environmental monitoring activities in the Lake Michigan Basin
  • work toward developing a systematic and comparable approach to the collection, data management, interpretation, and dissemination of environmental data related to issues, policies, and resource management involving environmental monitoring in the Lake Michigan Drainage Basin
  • address the full range of aquatic resources, including ground and surface waters, biology, chemistry and physical components.

A new LMMCC operating framework for collaboration was developed in 2001. This new framework was developed to take advantage of the logical interactions between the various resource based monitoring Lake Michigan. Please tell us about your organization and its monitoring program or information about efforts you believe the LMMCC should undertake or URLs for websites that should be included as links.


Fall 08 Meeting Agenda

Summary of Spring 08 Teleconference May 27, 2008

Summary from May 10, 2007 Pilot Study Workshop 1

National Monitoring Network - Lake Michigan Pilot

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