Protecting Wisconsin's Groundwater Through Comprehensive Planning
Trempealeau County
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Trempealeau County Atrazine Prohibition Areas

Atrazine figure created by Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, available at

2,590 acres of land within the county are in atrazine prohibition areas.

Atrazine is a popular corn herbicide that is used to control weeds in corn fields and has been used in Wisconsin for over 25 years. Atrazine may have entered Wisconsin's groundwater as a result of its use on farm fields. In some cases it may be the result of a spill or improper disposal of unwanted or unused product. As of 2006, there are 102 atrazine prohibition areas in Wisconsin, covering about 1.2 million acres. An atrazine prohibition area is an area of land where all uses of atrazine are prohibited.

For more information please visit the web site provided by the Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.