Protecting Wisconsin's Groundwater Through Comprehensive Planning
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This version history page records changes that affect data in this website. Text changes are recorded by major section, page URL and date. WAS indicates the superseded text. See page for current text. Please contact us with questions.

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FIND: Version histories 2008-Mar Presentation. Portage County-Nitrate-Nitrogen Concentrations. Nitrate-nitrogen maps were revised to correct an error in data presentation; no changes were made to the underlying data. CD


Numeric changes. Groundwater Quality, Nitrate. Text WAS: Of the 184 samples that have been collected in the county, 79 samples (43%) contained ...An additional 18 samples (10%) exceeded the ... CD 2008-Jul-09 Categorical changes. Groundwater Quality. Pesticides. Definition and Use. Top Five Crops table. Text WAS: Oats/6,500/0.1 replaced with Potatoes/18,800/14. Reordered rankings. CD 2008-Nov-24 Numeric changes. A revision was needed to the 1979 public use/loss value (previously reported at 5.59 Mgal/d) due to a possible decimal place error. The public use/loss value was corrected to the value (0.46 Mgal/d) reported in OFR 82-444, "Water use in Wisconsin, 1979" by Lawrence, C.L. and Ellefson, B.R. The water use by category graph was updated. Tables reporting total water use for 1979 in Langlade County were updated: Total ground-water use was 8.14 Mgal/d and is now 3.01 Mgal/d; Total water use was 8.24 Mgal/d and is now 3.11 Mgal/d. CAB

BROWSE: Version histories 2008-Jul-31 Field office. Changed Merrill field office to Rhinelander. MEM


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