Protecting Wisconsin's Groundwater Through Comprehensive Planning
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Adams County full report Adams County full report
Integrate groundwater into your comprehensive plan
  5 steps for integrating groundwater into your plan 2. Inventory groundwater data and analyze trends 3. Develop groundwater goals, objectives, and policies 1. Review pre-planning actions 4. Prioritize policies
  5. Decide how to monitor progress

A part of good planning practice is monitoring progress. Tracking objectives is a way for your community to know whether it is successfully implementing the comprehensive plan that your community spent hundreds of hours and financial resources to develop. Typically the plan commission and other interested community members track progress over time. The idea is to accomplish the objectives the community set for itself.

Setting up a simple chart that includes goals, objectives, and policies is one easy way to track progress. Including a time line for action is also important as shown here.

Groundwater goal # 1 - Protect water quality in public and private wells
funding source

1. Adopt wellhead protection ordinance

Village of Trenton

Village budget

June 2009

2. Encourage organic certification of 100 acres of farmland with tax incentives

County land conservation office

County budget


3. Purchase 20 acres of land or conservation easements in wellhead protection area

Southwest Land Trust

State stewardship program


4. Develop groundwater festival to be attended by 100 people

Trout Unlimited and UW-Extension

Trout Unlimited

Summer 2009

We hope that this summary of groundwater data and potential groundwater goals, objectives and policies is helpful. The most important steps are to begin the conversation about groundwater in your community and to get started on a few actions to take care of it for future generations.

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